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CDFDA President
Albany, NY
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 Greetings from  the Capital District Funeral Directors Association


Thank you for visiting the Capital District Funeral Directors Association (CDFDA) website.

We extend a warm welcome to the general public, and our members.  This site offers a wealth of information for both funeral service professionals and families seeking more information about selecting a funeral home and about Funeral Service.

For families that are, or will be in need of a funeral home…we understand this is a difficult time.  It is important to know that the firm you are choosing represents a high standard of professionalism.  By the very nature of their association with CDFDA, our member firms have shown their deep compassion towards families, and towards their communities.

The CDFDA represents a coalition of professional funeral homes who believe that a solid future for Funeral Service is based on the collective insight and dedication from caring professionals. This unified voice helps to shape and provide the professional standards that families and communities count on in their time of need.  Our goal is to facilitate a basic understanding of the funeral and grief process so that families are better equipped to deal with the loss and ultimate closure of significant relationships in their lives.

If your family does not currently have a relationship with a funeral home and you are looking to this web site for some guidance, we suggest you keep the following information in mind as you familiarize yourself with funeral homes practices, policies, and procedures: 

-is the prospective funeral home truly family owned and been part of the fabric of their community, or do they belong to a chain of funeral homes from all over the country…you may prefer one experience over the other

-what is the experience of the staff….do they employ Funeral Directors with longtime experience practicing funeral service, or Funeral Directors with just a few months or years of experience….in any corner of life, experience speaks to competency

- is their facility positioned to serve the community where you want the funeral to be conducted

- will the funeral home offer enough chapel space, parking or other amenities you feel are important

-do you find their employees to be kind, patient, thoughtful and easy to speak to

-does the funeral home scheduling practices for funerals, visitations, memorial services, etc. have hard start/stop times before you are either asked to leave, or charged additional fees, and do you feel asked to wait an unreasonable amount of time to have your services (even) scheduled

-ask what your payment options are offered.  Will full payment be demanded prior to conducting your loved ones services? Or will they offer you a grace period before full payment is required?   No doubt your family will be better served if this question is asked and understood prior to a funeral home taking possession of your loved one’s body from the place of death.  A very uncomfortable situation for both parties can be avoided if you have a clear understanding of payment options, and you are comfortable with those options

-and of course, be sure to obtain a copy of their General Price list (GPL) so you can review specific  costs for Services and Merchandise.

CDFDA remains a welcome friend to you.  Please click here to locate a funeral home in your area.